Stun Gun Found on Plane Headed For New Jersey


The FBI is looking into a stun gun found on a JetBlue flight from Boston to Newark, New Jersey, but a spokesman says it probably wasn’t for a terrorist attack. That seems obvious considering it was found only after the plane was emptied, as the crew was cleaning and pulled it from a seat-back pocket, and it did not appear to have been fired. Police removed it and gave it to the Transportation Security Administration to look into, which doesn’t make much sense considering they let it on in the first place.

Now, at least, the FBI is involved and is investigating how it got onboard, what with all of the super high security searches they put passengers through.

Additionally, why someone would leave their snuck-on stun gun on a plane is actually a very valid question. Perhaps they accidentally brought it aboard and panicked when they realized, so the person just dumped it. Or maybe it was completely absentminded and whoever it was forgot they’d put it there?

There were 96 passengers on the plane and common sense would say it belongs to the one sitting in the seat where it was found. Or something far more nefarious is at play! Where’s Jack Bauer when you need him?

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