The Best Looking Gay Crowd In New York


It’s a tie!

Every guy’s a 10 — no, an 11 — at the Sunday Shark! poolside party at the Dream Hotel (above), thrown by Josh Wood and Jared Needle. They all have the Speedos to prove it.

And on Thursdays, Erich Conrad, Sophia Lamar, et al, bring swarms of attractive gays to their Zigzag bash at Le Bain, high atop the Standard.

It’s pretty astounding to look around at these events and see a sea of well-manicured, absolutely camera-ready guys who are so cute they’ll barely talk to each other.

With such bevies of beauties on hand, the parties come off like giant casting calls for the next top model — or maybe the next top boyfriend to dump you when he meets someone better.

I’m not saying the guys’ looks are meaningful — in fact, they’ll surely fade along with their egos — but there is something aesthetically impressive about such a display of physical perfection, at least in a deliciously superficial manner.

And I’ll tell you where you won’t see anyone these days: that Amanda’s Penthouse party I wrote about, Tuesdays at the Gansevoort Park Avenue.

It was canned in the early stages because the fabulous people don’t buy drinks!

But they look amazing!