Village Voice Immortalized In The Greenwich Village Follies


Run down to The Greenwich Village Follies at Manhattan Theatre Source, and when they ask the trivia question about a certain newspaper that started in 1955, yell, “The Village Voice!”

You’ll win a free condom.

You should run there anyway because the revue — a loosely structured glimpse at the Village’s history, arts, and people — is as engaging and fun as the Village itself.

Kevin R. Free sings a slave song in between shimmying around and high-kicking to a rim shot, plus he’s in charge of that trivia contest with the condom giveaway.

Alyssa Malgeri sings an ode to the bisexuality, loans, and pressure at NYU, but she also plays a drug dealer, a mourner of dead factory workers, and a phlegmmy Dutch settler.

Meghann Dreyfuss plays a human canvas who wants to get splashed, and movingly belts a ballad about the nabe’s diversity and texture.

And Guy Olivieri has fun as everyone from George Washington to Edgar Allan Poe.

The tone is similar to that of the sketchy parts of Hair, and though it’s all over the place, ending with the 1969 Stonewall rebellion, for some reason the super-talented cast carries you along at every moment.

And there are those free condoms!