Beer Companies Tap Latino Market; Hamptons Bar Sells More Beer Than Yankee Stadium


Big beer companies are looking to tap the Hispanic market. MillerCoors is rolling out bilingual packaging and sponsoring a Mexican soccer league; Anheuser-Busch is spending more on Spanish ads and sponsoring Cuban-American rapper Pitbull’s fall concert tour.
[Wall Street Journal]

Cocktail bar Dram in Williamsburg will be transformed into a dive bar called 86’d for a few days in July when all its star mixologists are in New Orleans for Tales of the Cocktail.
[Diner’s Journal]

Major League Baseball parks in the U.S. are offering more and more wine nowadays. Citi Field, for example, has six-ounce plastic bottles that come with a glass.

U.S. airlines are expanding their wine offerings. Delta has a master sommelier who consults on the inflight wine list; United and American also work with wine experts.

A new study reveals that Napa could be unsuitable for growing grapes for premium wines by 2040, and that Washington State could be prime wine country by then.

Boardy Barn in Hampton Bays, a huge open-air beer bar, sells more beer each Sunday than Yankee Stadium or Citi Field on a game day.
[NY Post]