Chipotle Goes to Europe, While McDonald’s Goes ‘Big America’


The latest instance of our country’s attempts to make the rest of the planet too fat for its theater seats comes from the combined forces of Chipotle and McDonald’s.

Following a rumor that it would be opening 200 locations in the U.K., a rep for the company told Grub Street that while Chipotle would indeed be expanding in Europe, the 200-store figure was “untrue.”

The Mexican(ish) fast-food chain next plans to open up an outpost in Paris, where it will join such cultural emissaries as Pizza Hut and Starbucks. And, of course, McDonald’s, which has lately been busy rolling out a series of Big America burgers in Israel.

Eater reports that the concoctions feature half-pound patties and cost the equivalent of $9.25, which could make even John DeLucie blush. Much as it did with its German cupcakes, the conglomerate is paying a backhanded compliment to New York, this time with a Big New York burger that comprises sirloin and short rib and has 639 calories. There’s also a Big Texas patty with barbecue sauce and fried onion and 698 calories. McDonald’s seems to have missed the middle part of the U.S., but should it get around to it; Israel may want to increase its per capita banana consumption.