Eric Hara Is the Latest Chef Accused of Being a ‘Monster’


Sexism and base vulgarity in New York kitchens persist, if pastry chef Melissa Rodriguez is to be believed. The former Oak Room employee is suing chef Eric Hara for a laundry list of weird and rude acts. Hara is denying all charges.

According to the Post, Rodriguez claims her ex-boss tossed her in a garbage can for a laugh, forced her to break eggs carried in her shirt and rub the yolks on her chest, regularly poured sauce in her hair, and nicknamed her “whore.” She tells the Daily News he was a “monster.”

For his part, Hara says Rodriguez is only after money. It’s difficult to believe that an established chef would behave in such a manner and never have anyone complain before now, but it’s perhaps even harder to believe that such outrageous and specific charges would be made up. Guess we’ll have to wait and see if other plaintiffs start coming out of the woodwork or if this case goes the way of Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s