Foxy Brown, in Court for Mooning, Goes Free


Foxy Brown was in court today over allegations that she had totally mooned her Prospect Heights neighbor, in violation of a standing protection order.

The charges were just the latest episode in Brown’s rich history of legal troubles, which includes menacing the same neighbor with her Blackberry, throwing hair-glue at a beauty shop employee, and being effectively banned from traveling to Jamaica after assaulting a police officer there.

Things may be looking up for Brown, though: When the allegedly mooned neighbor refused to testify in today’s case, the prosecution was left without a witness, and Judge John Walsh dismissed the case.

The judge’s decision is good news for Brown, but kind of a disappointment for everyone else, because really, who doesn’t love a mooning trial?

A taste of what might have been was offered on the courthouse steps today, as Foxy’s lawyer, Salvatore Strazzullo, told the press how he would have handled the D.A.’s allegation that Brown took off her underwear in the course of the mooning.

“On the day [of the alleged mooning incident], she was not wearing any underwear,” Strazzullo said.

Busted! How could Brown have pulled down her underwear in the act of mooning if she wasn’t wearing any underwear to begin with? The prosecution’s case just doesn’t hold water.

Reinforcing the obvious fact that this was a completely serious legal hearing and in no way a ridiculous media circus, reporters asked Brown if she was wearing underwear to court today, and she refused to rule out the possibility that she was not.

This story isn’t over, though. Strazzullo is threatening to sue the District Attorney for malicious prosecution. Stay tuned!