I’m A Cuomo-Sexual!


That’s what funny lady Judy Gold says in her new show, My Life as a Sitcom, and I have to echo it with pride!

After all, Governor Cuomo has gone down in history as one of the handful of politicians who made a pledge and then actually went through with it!

This happens so rarely it’s as shocking as a socialite who says she’s going to devote herself to charity and then actually does.

In an act of courage and conviction, Cuomo made sure the New York gay-marriage bill was going to get a shot, personally pushing it toward its ultimate validation.

He has become our queero hero.

Our dykon icon.

We must reward this kind of stunning personal integrity so that it will maybe happen again in our lifetimes.

So run to the top of the mountain — or at least Murray Hill — and say it:

“I am a Cuomo-sexual!”

Even if you’re not gay.