Maoz Does Right by Eggs and Eggplant


Maoz is one of those rare fast-food chains we can actually get behind, thanks to things like its egg and eggplant pita.

Basically a riff on the sabich, the genius Israeli sandwich comprising a hard-boiled egg and fried eggplant, Maoz’s pita ably represents those two key ingredients, which boast fluffy, perfectly cooked yolks and a tender, almost melting texture, respectively. The best part is that you get to embellish them with whatever you want from Maoz’s salad bar — on this occasion we chose pickled eggplant, carrot salad, purple-cabbage slaw, and pickles, each of which was impeccably fresh and well-prepared.

You’re limited only by how much you can cram inside the pita, which itself is soft but chewy enough to prevent it from resembling the Wonder Bread-like creations so many falafel joints keep in their arsenals. With tax, the sandwich costs $6.37, an eminently respectable price for a filling lunch or quickie dinner.

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