One Tabloid Folds, Another One Opens


As the News of the World heads to the afterlife, at least Tabloid is opening.

That’s Oscar winner Errol Morris‘s zingy documentary about Joyce McKinney (above), the former Miss Wyoming who tracked down the love of her life, found out he’d succumbed to Mormonism, and abducted him for love’s sake.

At last night’s premiere, Morris talked about why we adore this stuff.

“There’s something very deep and essential about tabloid stories,” he said.

“It’s something we’re glad we didn’t do.

“There’s a line in a William Wyler movie: ‘Love has to stop somewhere short of insanity.’

“I don’t think that principle applies to Joyce!”

But Morris said such stories also touch us because “we can see ourselves in them.

“They’re about everybody and nobody.

“The ordinary and the excessive rolled into one nice package.”

They’re so appealing that some people will hack into voice mail and pay off police to get the story.

But that’s that other tabloid.