Prepare for More Foodie Daily Deals: Google Offers Now in Beta in New York City


Back in January, we alerted you to the advent of Google Offers, a daily email service offering discounts at restaurants and shops throughout the city. Given the plethora of existing sites and crowded market space, you might not have been eagerly awaiting this moment (or maybe you’ve just been too busy playing on Google+). In any event, the site has launched in beta today for the New York City market, with deals specific to downtown, Midtown, and uptown.

Google is launching its New York deals with an offer for $5 for $10 worth of Belgian fries and toppings at Pommes Frites; $5 for $10 for cake and wine at Malbec at Ayza Wine and Chocolate Bar; and $10 for a dozen mini cupcakes at Tonnie’s Minis. Honestly, these deals seem somewhat lackluster compared with what’s already out there, but hey, a deal’s still a deal.