Texting While Driving Is Now a $150 Fine in New York


Can we just say it, all together? If you’re driving, you should not be…drinking; texting; sexting; eating; putting on makeup; reaching around to slap someone in the backseat, even if they really are getting on your last nerve; applying Vaseline to a watermelon; wishing your hard-of-hearing uncle a happy birthday; rummaging for your lucky rabbit’s foot in the glove compartment; painting your fingernails in alternating neon colors; puffy-painting a sweatshirt as a gift for your niece; practicing calligraphy; cutting your bangs; vacuuming your floormats; pretending to drive without the use of sight; seeing how many water balloons will fit in the hatchback; playing Angry Birds; practicing that monologue from Hamlet; recording your first solo album; baking a cake and frosting it; reading the bikini wax instructions; having a baby (unless you really can’t help it); putting your feet out the window to feel the rush of wind against your heels; walking your Pomeranian. As for the second one, Governor Andrew Cuomo just signed a bill that will let cops pull you over and fine you up to $150 for that sort of thing. Take the bus instead. [NY1]