The 10 Best Bitchy Comments Of All Time


Who would know better than me?

The 10 dissiest, wickedest, bitchiest sass-o-grams (whether in movies or in life) are as follows:

(10) “She doesn’t write, she types!”

(Gore Vidal, re popular author Jackie Susann)

(9) “She looks like a truck driver in drag.”

(Truman Capote, re the very same Jackie Susann, who took a lot of abuse)

(8) “Every word she writes is a lie, including the ands and the thes.”

(Mary McCarthy, re popular author Lillian Hellman. I’m sensing a trend.)

(7) “Keir Dullea, gone tomorrow.”

(Noël Coward, re his Bunny Lake Is Missing co-star. Who’s still here.)

(6) “You have native charm. Why don’t you save it for the natives?”

(Sophia Loren in Houseboat)

(5) “I’d hate to take a bite out of you. You’re a cookie full of arsenic.”

(Burt Lancaster to Tony Curtis in Sweet Smell of Success)

(4) “I wouldn’t have you if you were strung with diamonds upside down.”

(Joan Crawford to Jeff Chandler in Female on the Beach)

(3) “There are really only two things I dislike about you. Your face.”

(The Mirror Crack’d. Quoted without attribution in Priscilla.)

(2) “There’s no there there.”

(Gertrude Stein, about Oakland)

And the bitchiest of all …

(1) “Thought she was beautiful. And she’s very happy in Alaska. I hope she’ll stay there.”

(Barbara Bush, re Sarah Palin. And suddenly we loved a Bush!)