The Three Monkeys Is Mutating Into Wolfnights


After being shut down by a fire a few months ago, the Three Monkeys is being resurrected as something that looks and sounds like a brand of hard liquor but isn’t.

Despite all appearances to the contrary, Wolfnights is, as its sign proclaims, a gourmet wrap, exclamation point. Itai Afek, the owner of the Three Monkeys, trademarked the new name and logo in May, but there is so far no further information about what the new restaurant will entail, aside from, of course, gourmet wraps.

The Three Monkeys also trafficked in wraps, each with a country of origin attached to it — the “Mexican” permutation featured guacamole and salsa, the “Turkish” hummus, and so on and so on. It was widely viewed as a mecca of late-night sustenance; if its new name is any indication, that’s not going to change.