Today Would Be a Good Day to Sit in Front of an Air Conditioner


Gird your loins, New Yorkers, or pack them with ice cubes. It will be hot, hot, hot today. Worse than yesterday, not least because yesterday is over, and today has only just begun. The Wall Street Journal reports with the usual stoicism that “summer heat will reach extreme levels across Greater New York on Tuesday, with record highs possible across much of the tri-state area.” For those of us lacking stoicism, heat indexes could be above 100! Your carefully made-up face will drip within moments of leaving your apartment! You will get a sunburn within two blocks! There is a heat advisory in effect! You feel gross! This could be dangerous.

Dress lightly, stay hydrated, and don’t jump in the Central Park Reservoir (even if you want to, so, so bad). Make a date with an air conditioner or hit up a city cooling center should the need arise — no one needs to be a hero, here. Eat some ice cream! Eat some more!

The good news: By tonight we’ll get a “cold front” that will push temperatures back into the relatively chill-tastic 80s. And someday not too far away, a day that we can barely imagine right now, we will be huddling in our winter coats and scurrying down the street to escape the frigid air, wishing fruitlessly for those halcyon days of summer. Mark our words.

In the meantime, watch for falling air conditioners.

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