What to Drink at Lantern’s Keep: The Poet’s Dream


Each week in The Daily Shot, we have ourselves a drink that we think you should try, too.

​The drink: Poet’s Dream

The bar: Lantern’s Keep (The Iroquois Hotel, 49 West 44th Street, 212-453-4287)

The price: $14

Ingredients: Orange bitters, gin, dry vermouth, and Benedictine, stirred and served up in a pretty glass

The buzz: Is it wrong to order a drink based solely on the name of it? Of course not! As it turns out, the Poet’s Dream is more than just a romantic moniker. It gives off enchanting, nostalgic notes of herbs and flowers and citrus peel. All very inspiring. It’s said to date to — or at least have been popular during — Prohibition. And so, whom might it have been named for? Cocktail-folk muse that it could be anyone from T.S. Eliot to Wallace Stevens. But why not Gertrude Stein, who was not necessarily much of a drinker, but lived in France (hence the Benedictine reference, perhaps), or even Jane Austen, who was already long gone but evoked floral romance herself and hailed from the land of gin? Should you be moved to prose upon drinking it, just ask the bar for a pen and napkin, and turn your attentions to Degas’s ballerinas on the wall. You’ll be a poet before you know it.

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