Dog-Friendly Menus Are Kind of a Thing Now


If you’re turned off by the idea of doggie ice cream, then read no further: Dog-friendly menus, it seems, are an idea whose time has come.

Or at least that’s the case on West 24th Street, where an Italian restaurant called San Rocco hopes to endear itself to the dog-owning masses with a new canine-oriented menu. It’s outfitted with fairly rote dog treats and “personal water bowls” — which is nice, but wouldn’t pass muster in the English town of Swaledale.

As The Guardian reports, a pub owner there has created a menu for her customers’ dogs, who previously had to sit around doing nothing while their owners ate and drank. Her menu includes both Sunday roast and nonalcoholic beer flavored with meat extract. Points to England for that one, but at least New York can take solace in its dog-food CSA?