Flip Flops Are the Scourge of Professional Workplaces Everywhere


According to an important summer fashion poll taken by employment services company Adecco, there are certain things you should not wear to work in the summer (or, presumably, any time of year). We are currently breaking two, depending on what you deem “mini,” but that’s how we roll around here. The rule-breaking fashion faux pas are:

Strapless tops!
Flip flops! (even the high-heeled kind?)

Of all of these, flip flops are the absolute worst, a crime akin to wearing a crop top on your mullet or banana clipping your scrunchy to your monocle. Or wearing Crocs. One must never do those things, unless one is clearly being “ironic,” and in that case, one should be wearing a shirt that says so. Except for the Crocs, those are unforgivable in any case, unless you are four. And you better have the cutes to pull them off.

In terms of people who hated strapless tops, miniskirts, and flip flops, there were some intriguing gender lines drawn, those being that men sort of thought minskirts and strapless tops were not that bad, you know. Everyone hated seeing their coworkers’ disgusting feet. What with all the economic worries nowadays, can anyone afford NOT to have a pedicure?

Flip-flops Number One “don’t” for summer work attire: survey [Reuters]