Harry’s Steak Ready to Welcome Cocktail Geeks from Far and Wide


Back in March, we told you about impending changes at Harry’s Café and Steak. Famed Irish mixologist Sean Muldoon, known as the visionary behind the storied Merchant Hotel bar in Belfast, was enlisted to breathe new life into the cocktail program at the nearly 40-year-old steakhouse. The new cocktail list has now been implemented and the Last Words and Dark ‘n’ Stormys are already a-flowing.

“In the bar at the hotel, we put less emphasis on vodka based cocktails,” says Muldoon in a press release. “In Harry’s, however, a lot of customers prefer vodka based cocktails over gin based cocktails, so I had to work around that. Customers here also brand-call their spirit: Grey Goose Cosmopolitans, Makers Mark Manhattans, which is also new to me.”

The list is split between Old World Cocktails and New World Cocktails (including the Penicillin, created at Milk & Honey and hailed as a modern classic), and accompanied by a brief menu of bar bites like seafood tacos and goat-cheese soufflé. Cocktail geeks might be thrown by the Watermelon Cosmo on the list, but will surely enjoy this nugget: There’s a drink on the menu dubbed the Harry Johnson, named for the 19th-century bartender and one of modern mixology’s pioneers, who happens to have slung drinks on the exact site that now houses Harry’s. Like, woah.