MyBlockNYC Creates New York Map Alive With YouTube-Ready Videos


Today in fun, new New York City-related Internet toys, we bring you MyBlockNYC by way of Daily Intel. MyBlockNYC features a map of our beloved town onto which users can upload videos corresponding to different blocks. Near our offices, there’s a recent video of a woman playing the Sing for Hope piano at Lafayette Street between Astor and Place and East 8th Street. Meanwhile, on 5th Avenue between 43rd and 44th, a 2006 video captures an NYPD officer who appears to be sleeping in his car. The site is teaming up with the Department of Education and schools so students can make “short documentary videos” in the city. What we dig about the site is that it seems to capture the bizarre, often kooky, diversity of the city on a social media platform. We just hope it doesn’t devolve into too many off-putting subway videos.