Subway Masturbator Busted on DNA Evidence; Cat Falls 20 Stories and Lives


• A 26-year-old man with the name of Darnell Hardware has been charged with felony sexual abuse, forcible touching, and criminal mischief for three incidents in 2002 and 2005 in which he masturbated against women in crowded subway trains. He was busted based on DNA evidence, though he’s pleaded not guilty. [NY1]

• Mayor Bloomberg has urged Democrats and Republicans in Congress to raise the debt ceiling. [NYT]

• Gloria Allred will have a TV show on NBC. [CNN]

• A mom who lost her 3 daughters in her sister-in-law’s crash on the Taconic Parkway in 2009 has become pregnant through in-vitro fertilization. [NYDN]

• A 16-year-old cat left in an Upper West Side apartment over the Fourth of July weekend managed to escape, falling 20 stories — but somehow surviving. “He didn’t even chip a tooth or break a bone,” said his owner. [NYP]

• Friends of the Upper East Side Historic Districts want to declare the Barbizon Hotel for Women, temporary home to Grace Kelly, Joan Crawford, Liza Minnelli, Candace Bergen, and others, a historic landmark. [DNA Info]

• Even blogging makes you exercise more than being unemployed — for men. [WSJ]