We Might Not Need More Food Blogs on the Web, but Gojee Sure Is Pretty


You can’t surf the Web these days without stumbling upon a food blog. Sites like Epicurious and Allrecipes have dominated the recipe-search market, but, truthfully, they can be difficult to navigate, and many don’t even feature photos at all — not ideal for those who need some visual cues when cooking. Which is what makes the new website Gojee unique among the online foodies. This new photo-driven website will curate recipes from prominent bloggers — many of them homegrown New Yorkers. Signal the food-porn alert.

So who are some of the city bloggers in the fray? Brian Campbell and Elizabeth Stark from Brooklyn Supper, Cathy Erway from Not Eating Out in New York, and Cara Eisenpress and Phoebe Lapine from Big Girls Small Kitchen, among many others.

According to director of content Veronica Chan, Gojee has also partnered with local supermarket chain D’Agostino. If a user links his reward card with Gojee, the site will automatically update the user’s recipe search based on the ingredients purchased in-store. Slightly Big Brothery, maybe, or perhaps we’re just paranoid that we’d come home to a recipe index consisting only of chocolate-chip cookies, chocolate cake, and chocolate pudding. On second thought, that actually sounds kind of awesome.