Casey Anthony Fans Send Her Money in Prison; She Buys Cheese Dip


Fear not for the demonized Casey Anthony, who has gotten her fair share of death threats, sure (and will be changing her name and donning a disguise upon her release from jail). Because despite all that, she has lots of friends. Friends who send her money to spend on makeup and ponytail holders and delicious snacks, and other fun things from the jailhouse canteen. As you’d probably guess, most of the people sending her money are men…but there are some women, too. Some believe she’s innocent, some think she hasn’t been fairly treated, some think Nancy Grace is really too mean, some just want to marry her.

ABC News reports that at least 17 people have sent Anthony money orders since May, according to Orange County Corrections Department records. Her parents, for the record, have not sent her any money since May 8. Donations have increased since her acquittal, including $100 from one person this week. Compared with the average prison balance of $36.30, Casey’s got a sweet $472.18. One person even offered her a place to stay when she gets out of jail. What does she buy with this cash?

Anthony, who does not appear to have sent any thank you notes, has spent the money on things like shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, eyeliner, ponytail holders as well as snacks like premium chicken breasts, jalapeno nacho cheese dip and spicy peanuts.

When contacted by ABC News to find out why her son sent money to Casey Anthony, the mom of one guy screamed into the phone, “He did what?”

Seems fair. By the way, she gets to bring the money home with her when she leaves…on Sunday.

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