Checking Out the Croissants at Mille-Feuille


New bakery and pastry shop Mille-Feuille endeared itself into our hearts with its awesomely delicious macarons a few weeks back, easily crushing the cookie competition. Since then, we’ve had butter on the brain, and we knew we had to stop in for their croissants. The verdict?

A-mazing! Honestly, these are some of the best croissants we’ve had in New York City. Smallish (hungry folk should order two), with a good amount of flake and crunch. No floppy croissants here, thank God, because the absolute worst thing is when you buy what you think is going to be a flaky croissant and then you discover that it’s not flaky at all and that it was just an illusion! They taste appropriately buttery; that is, like pure butter, and they’re all-around delicious. Our croissant love has been divided between Ceci-Cela and Claude’s, but we have to say Mille-Feuille has trumped them both. If only we lived closer, our mornings might shine just a little bit brighter.