How Do You Handle The Insensitive Friend?


You know, the one who means well, but who can’t help stepping on each of your personal landmines in every single conversation you have.

As in …

“So what did you do for Father’s Day?”

“Um, mainly break down crying and try to forget. My father died three years ago, as you well know.”

“Are you all excited about the new season of that TV show? The Times wrote about it!”

“You mean the one I hysterically sobbed to you about because they’ve dropped me like yesterday’s false eyelash? No, I honestly don’t think I’ll be glued to the set. In fact, I’ll be on suicide watch.”

“You know what you should do? You should write a book already! That would be great!”

“Whaaat? I’ve written three of them! You came to the pub parties!”

And worst of all …

“You know who looks beyond amazing lately? Your ex-boyfriend!”

Anyway, is it easier to just say yes to everything while biting one’s tongue so hard it drips blood?