Jared Loughner College Documents Released; Abortion-Disclosure Law Blocked by Judge; East River Waterfront Esplanade Opens


Pima Community College, where Jared Loughner, alleged shooter of Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and others, was enrolled, has released more than 8,500 pages of documents in compliance with an order from Pima County Superior Court. The documents show Loughner accusing his college of scamming him and claiming his freedom of speech was stolen, along with various accounts of bizarre behavior and outbursts. For example, a “Pilates instructor at the college said Loughner became ‘very hostile’ when he found out he was receiving a ‘B.'” [CNN]

A law that would make emergency-pregnancy centers disclose whether or not they perform or give access to abortions, or provide birth control, emergency contraception, and prenatal services, was blocked in Manhattan federal court by a judge yesterday. The law had been supported by pro-choice groups and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who argued that pro-life centers “duped women by not making them aware of all options.” It would have gone into effect today. [NYP]

Bohdan Vitenko, who was training to be a Navy SEAL, has died after being found facedown in a Staten Island pool yesterday. Jonathan Proce, a city lifeguard who was also found, is in critical condition. The two had been practicing breathing exercises. [NYDN]

The first 600-foot section — from Wall Street to Maiden Lane — of the fancy new $165.9 million East River Waterfront Esplanade will open today, officially, though people have been flocking there since July. The entire 5,000 feet of new esplanade will be completed in 2013. [NYT]

The MTA will install surveillance cameras on 341 more buses (they’re currently on 85) following the most recent assault on a bus driver. [NY1]

The two who did the aerial stunt on the Williamsburg Bridge on Monday, Seanna Sharpe and Thomas Skinner, were still in jail at Rikers as of Wednesday afternoon. [WSJ]