Levi Aron Confession Released by the Cops: ‘I Understand This May Be Wrong’


NBC NY has obtained a transcript “edited to remove parts of an extremely graphic nature” of the confession of Levi Aron, the man who allegedly killed 8-year-old Brooklyn boy Leiby Kletzky. The confession is odd and, obviously, disturbing, even without the “graphic” details. It includes a trip to a wedding — did anyone see the man with the boy there, and if so, have they not come forward? — Aron apparently going to work on Tuesday, leaving Leiby there alone, returning and making him a sandwich…and then Aron finally panicking when he saw fliers for the missing boy and, instead of simply returning him to his family, killing and dismembering him. They were together for more than 12 hours before that.

According to law enforcement sources, the following are the suspect’s words as written on a legal pad during questioning:

My name is Levi Aron… On Monday evening around 5:30 I went to my dentist, Dr. Sorcher, to make a payment for visit for exam routine.

A boy approached me on where the Judaica book store was. He was still there when went out from the dentist’s office. He asked me for a ride to the Judaica book store. While on the way he changed his mind and wasn’t sure where he wanted to go.

So I asked if he wanted to go for the ride — wedding in Monsey — since I didn’t think I was going to stay for the whole thing since my back was hurting. He said ok.

Due to traffic, I got back around 11:30 p.m. … so I brought him to my house thinking I’d bring him to his house the next day. He watched TV then fell asleep in the front room. I went to the middle room to sleep. That next morning, he was still sleeping when I was ready to leave.

So I woke him and told him I’ll bring him to his house… when I saw the flyers I panicked and was afraid. When I got home he was still there so I made him a tuna sandwich….

Afterwards — I panicked because I didn’t know what to do with the body…. carried parts to the back room placing parts between the freezer and the refrigerator …

… went to clean up a little then took a second shower. I panicked and .. Then putting the parts in a suitcase. Then carrying suitcase to the car …placing in backseat on floor behind passenger side.

… drove around approximately around 20 minutes before placing it in the dumpster on 20th street just before 4th Avenue. Then went home to clean and organize.

I understand this may be wrong and I’m sorry for the hurt that I have caused.

Separately, the New York Post reports that neighborhood kids and their parents were creeped out by Aron, a 35-year-old plumbing-supply store stockboy. Of course, hindsight is always 20-20 in these cases.

Update: The Daily News reports that detectives may not believe Aron’s statement is completely true. They apparently think Leiby was killed on Monday, and that the boy was not taken to a wedding (which would explain why no one saw him there). Also via the Daily News, which goes into more graphic detail as to the repellent scene that awaited cops in Aron’s apartment:

Investigators have no evidence Leiby was sexually molested before he was killed. There were indications he was tied with a rope.

The Accused Killer in His Own Words [NBC NY]