Map Shows NYC’s Confusion With Rest of U.S.


What do New Yorkers believe rests beyond its borders? It’s like cornfield, cornfield, D.C., cornfield, Chicago, cornfield, cornfield, cornfield, cornfield, and then L.A. topped by San Francisco, right? Now there’s (satirical) proof that we are a little confused when it comes to U.S. geography via Funny or Die: Dan Abramson drew “The Map of America As Seen by a New Yorker.” Washington state is associated with “Starbucks/Pearl Jam,” in the middle two blocks have “One of the States That Has Kansas City” written on them, and there’s an empty space under Virginia — that gray spot is marked as “Empty Space Before Getting to the Real South.” Not that this hasn’t been kind of done. Still, informative. [h/t]