New York City Restaurants Hate Kids, Too!


It’s not just Pennsylvania that hates the crying, drooling, under-10-years-old set. New York City restaurants are getting fed up with tiny tots in their establishments, too.

According to the New York Daily News, kids aren’t always welcome at a variety of establishments. Shocker! Parents must call ahead at the Place if bringing kids along, and strollers are verboten at Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn (though the kids themselves are OK). And if your age is a single digit, you can forget about dining at Jean Georges.

Our feelings on children at restaurants is well-known. We’re against it for the most part, though they are tolerable if well-behaved. But the secret is most kids don’t really like going to restaurants, especially if they are there with a bunch of boring adults. Therein lies the problem — selfish parents who can’t control their kids or choose to ignore the crying and go on with their meal. Not OK! But just think for a moment: What kind of young child actually enjoys fine dining? What happened to the days of chicken nuggets and spaghetti with tomato sauce? And remember, the cost of a babysitter for an hour is probably equal to the cost of your kid’s dinner at Le Bernardin. Just some food for thought.