Ted Dansons’s Role On CSI: Guess Who Turned It Down?


Ted Danson has stepped into the Laurence Fishburne supervisor role on CSI, but it doesn’t look like he was necessarily the first choice for the part.

According to EW, the following three names were approached before Ted:

Robin Williams, who obviously thinks of himself as a TV star who advanced to movies, not vice versa.

Tony Shalhoub, who probably should have said yes, but I’m sure he must have a very, very good reason for not doing so or he would have done so, right?

And John Lithgow, who can do whatever he wants.

But whatever order they were negotiated with, Danson’s actually a great choice.

I couldn’t bear to ever watch Cheers for fear it would turn me straight, but I have to say that on Bored to Death, he’s been wry and delightful.

So cheers, Ted. You’re numero uno with me.