Cat Greenleaf’s Clothing Line Launches in Macy’s


Our favorite stoop-talker, Cat Greenleaf, has a new venture post-Mermaid Queen glory. She wants us to stop looking at our iPhones and BlackBerrys so much, and is using fashion to spread the word.

The clothing line for her campaign LUSTBKLYN — LUST being an acronym for “Look Up Stop Texting” — became available starting Thursday at Macy’s Herald Square, according to Greenleaf. Although the clothing has been available in smaller boutiques, this is its first appearance in a major department store, she told us. The goal is to get people off of their phones and make them more aware of their surroundings.

“I think we are not having a full human experience because we’re so busy staring at a PDA screen,” Greenleaf said.

On the campaign’s website Greenleaf wrote that she was inspired to create the line after she realized she had been ignoring the “coolest looking building” outside her subway stop in Brooklyn because she was so obsessed with checking her phone when it regained service. She wonder if it was new, when it had been there over 100 years. According to the website’s homepage:

The mission of Look Up Stop Texting is to remind us to put down our PDAs more than we do, and live in the actual world instead of in the virtual one. LUST isn’t saying we should NEVER text – just that adding a measure of control can add so much to our experience of being alive.

And in case t-shirts and hoodies weren’t enough, there are also Carrie-style necklaces and dog shirts available. Presumably dogs, like Greenleaf’s bulldog Gracie, don’t really have a texting problem. (We hope.)