New York City’s Delicious Tap Water Has ‘Normal’ Lead Levels Again


Hoorah. You can now drink (water) easier, as city officials have announced that the number of homes with elevated lead levels in their tap water is back to normal. Last year testing had found elevated levels in 14 percent of the older homes, known to have lead service lines or lead in the pipes, that were tested. In the latest round of tests, conducted from early January to June 30, less than 2 percent of the samples were elevated. Still, all residents are still being urged to run their water for a good 30 seconds before cooking with or drinking it, regardless of how many times we’ve been told “waste not, want not,” or “turn off the GD faucet while you brush your teeth!” The Department of Environmental Protection, for their part, is investigating what led to the higher levels of last year, and there will be another round of testing completed by the end of this year. But… what about those crazy bugs that make our water so delicious? Mysteries, how thirsty you make us!