Patti Smith Apparently Covered Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” Last Night


As if the crossover appeal of Adele’s inescapable “Rolling In The Deep” hadn’t been well-documented enough, last night’s Patti Smith show at Castle Clinton reportedly had a cover of the thundering breakup anthem. I am not the sort of person who often goes “whoa” at things—being on the Internet for as long as I have, plus just being tired—but, well, this is sort of unexpected. According to one attendee, Smith “forgot the words but it was kind of adorable”; another reported that she called it the song of the summer, which, well, I’d argue that it was also the song of the winter and spring too, but yeah, it probably will take the “summer jam” title when all’s said and done. (Sorry, everybody.) Kind of can’t believe that nobody’s posted video of this event yet, so consider this post as a call for someone to come through.