Dish No. 83: Tempura Green Bean Fries at Bento Burger


Green-bean fries are kind of amazing. Like, are you trying to justify your consumption of fried fare by throwing a little greenery into the mix? Because, honestly, you might as well be eating potatoes. And the tempura green-bean fries at Bento Burger take it to a whole new level.

The fries, $3 when you order one of the several Asian-inspired burgers, are ensconced in a thick and crunchy tempura batter, making them all the more fried and delicious. A small dish of wasabi aioli (really just wasabi mayonnaise) comes alongside for even more gluttonous dipping. But these are some big, stocky beans, so you still get a hint of veggie amid all the excess. It’s fast food for the virtuous set. OK, not really. It’s still fast food. But damn tasty.