Liddabit Has a New Sweet at New Amsterdam Market


Liz Gutman, co-founder of Liddabit Sweets, fishes around in her new infernal contraption.

Founded in 2009 by Liz Gutman and Jen King, Brooklyn’s Liddabit Sweets brought the local and sustainable ethos to candy making. It also brought us habit forming, individually wrapped sea-salt caramels. And now a new product has appeared at the Liddabit booth in the New Amsterdam Market, one that is somewhat more perishable than the caramels.

Ta-da! Maple sugar cotton candy.

The latest sweet is maple sugar cotton candy, which is a good idea in itself. But instead of a white paper cone, the fluffy stuff is twirled around a pretzel stick, which is nothing short of pure genius. The flavor of the maple is in the forefront, too, and, I promise, the cotton candy is white rather than the usual pink.

The cost, alas, is $4. But I guess nearly anything is $4, especially if you buy it at an outdoor market.

Get maple sugar cotton candy on a pretzel stick at the New Amerstam Market, which will run every Sunday just north of the South Street Seaport through the end of the summer.