Q&A: Oberhofer’s Brad Oberhofer On His Favorite “Summer” Songs, Being Afraid Of Sharks, And His Youth


Brad Oberhofer is the main man in the bedroom-pop-gone-full-fledged-band Oberhofer, one of the acts playing Saturday’s 4Knots Music Festival. In advance of his band’s set—during which he’ll likely play to the biggest audience of his career—we emailed with him about playing 4Knots, being under 21, and his fear of sharks.

How’s your summer going so far? Where are you spending it?

Summer rules always. I’ve been spending my entire summer in New York. Primarily either in my apartment or at the beach.

Are you looking forward to playing 4Knots?

Of course!!!

Are you going to try to catch any sets from other artists playing? Have you seen any of them play before?

I’m interested in seeing all of them. I’ve never seen any of them play before. I’ve heard especially good things about Black Angels.

Are you playing any other festivals this summer?


Do you go to festivals when you’re not playing them? Which are your favorites?

Occasionally. I’d say my favorite festival so far has got to be Sasquatch. It’s in the most beautiful place imaginable.

What’s the biggest crowd you’ve ever played for? 4knots is expected to have a pretty big turnout. (Sorry for bragging.)

About 1400 people. This is sure to be the most we’ve ever played in front of!!

Was it a hard transition going from recording everything yourself to playing with a band?

I still do both!!! I also love my bandmates.

I saw you posted a sweet picture on your Facebook page where you’re crowdsurfing into a shark’s mouth. Are you afraid of sharks? We’re hoping that there won’t be any at 4Knots.

Yes I am afraid of sharks. They’re scary.

If your band members got eaten by sharks, would you be sad or would you find new ones?

Both. Death is weird.

Everyone is always pointing out your age—is it any fun being in NYC and not being 21? We’ll sneak you beers on the VIP boat if you dedicate a song to us.

It’s probably more fun than being 21 and over. Either that or equally fun. I’d say for me everything is always going to be equally fun to everything else.

What are your top five summer songs?

Mountain, “Nantucket Sleighride”
Albert Iceman Collins, “Frosty”
Gil Scott-Heron, “Winter In America”
Gordon Lightfoot “Song For a Winter’s Night”
Madonna, “Frozen”

And just ’cause there are too many to count, I added a bonus song:

Steve Miller Band, “Winter Time”