Did You Chat Up a Lady in the 4Knots VIP Bathroom Line? She Might Be Looking for You


By divine intervention or monkey’s paw or just some genius marketing department work (bias fully acknowledged), the VIP area of yesterday’s 4Knots Festival was the entire Peking ship, a four-mast barque with a steel hull the size of a football field. There weren’t bathrooms on the boat, though, so breaking the seal was a dangerous proposition: the toilets were two Port-a-Potties aligned stage left; braving the line required commitment. Fortunately, some of you managed to fill the time by striking up conversations with attractive strangers. One of you even had such a nice flirtation that you posted a Missed Connection this morning at 8 about it. It’s really cute!

4Knots VIP – w4m

Date: 2011-07-17, 8:18AM EDT
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Ah! I can’t believe I’m doing this but….

We met in line for the VIP bathrooms at the 4Knots festival yesterday and talked about the boat, and Brooklyn restaurants. I was hoping to run into you back on the boat, but no luck. Interested in maybe getting a drink? Tell me the name of the restaurant we were talking about.

The post disappeared by 3pm. We’re hoping that means that the fellow in question responded promptly and not that the hesitant author chickened out. If you are that guy, but the ad disappeared before you saw it, by all means, post your own Missed Connection response and we’ll blog that too and then when you get married, you can be our official 4Knots couple! We know that’s what you’ve been waiting for your whole life.