Jerry Seinfeld Joins George and Elaine On Twitter


Breaking: Jerry Seinfeld has joined Twitter. Finally! Although really it’s more surprising that he wasn’t on Twitter already, since George and Elaine already are. What’s @SeinTime tweeting about?

The old “Am I done yet?” faux-self-deprecating joke, obligatory Nazi joke, and we’re out. To Jerry Seinfeld, it will always be the ’90s, bless his heart.

Jason Alexander‘s Twitter is slightly more entertaining.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ is un-verified and thus I suspect that it’s not truly an Elaine Benes joint.

Michael Richards doesn’t have one, thank God.

What would the Seinfeld of Seinfeld have thought of Twitter had it existed back then? There’s nothing more “about nothing” than people’s #boringtweets!