Aliens Have Landed And Are Singing Medleys


How do you make eight talented vocalists into a tourist attraction?

Have them dress like white sperm cells, talk in squeaky voices complete with alien accents, sing a cappella medleys of every song ever written, and carry out audience participation shtick, like rubbing patrons’ heads and reading their minds (“Sex! Sex!”) or making everyone stand, touch, and sing a scale.

The result — the way-out revue Voca People — isn’t in Vegas, strangely enough; it’s at the Westside Theatre, where it comes off like Cirque du Soleil meets Manhattan Transfer via “Stars on 45.”

Pretty quickly into the show, I started suffering from a cuteness attack and my quirk sugar definitely went way up, but the performers are tireless and engage in some neat arrangements while making percussive noises with their own mouths.

Alas, by time I finally started giving in to their aggressive pseudo-weirdness, they ended with “We Are the World”!

This thing probably belongs at New York-New York Casino more than in New York, New York.