Food Trucks: Now Good for Wedding Exits


No longer just vehicles that feed the hungry masses, food and ice cream trucks have reached a whole new apogee of wack. They are now being used for newlyweds’ grand entrances and exits.

According to The New York Times, it’s no longer acceptable to just walk down the aisle and into a limo, waving goodbye to friends and family. Wedding exits now have to be theatrical and quirky, and include elephant rides, tandem bicycles, and Jet Skis, among other nontraditional modes of transportation.

One couple from Texas even left the church on an ice cream truck that had been secretly arranged for by the bride’s father. His reasoning: “I had a dream for Katie [the bride] to have a special exit from her wedding. … I discovered my friend had an ice cream truck. It was perfect since our family saying is, ‘A home without ice cream is a home without love.'” Or it might just be a lactose-intolerant home.

One additional plus, though — the bride and groom got to snack on ice cream bars during their ride. Sure beats most wedding food.