People Still Think New Jersey Is OK, Despite Jersey Shore


A new poll has found that people either don’t really care about the negative aspects of the Jersey Shore when evaluating the Garden State. Conducted by Fairleigh Dickinson University’s PublicMind, the poll revealed that 43% of people who have seen the MTV show have a “favorable opinion” of Jersey, compared to 41% of those who haven’t. That doesn’t amount to a “statistical difference,” but, 49% of people who had seen the show and were reminded of it gave Jersey a thumbs up. “It seems to me viewers are looking past The Situation to the shore scene itself,” Director of the poll Peter Woolley said in a press release. Governor Chris Christie is still not having it. His press secretary told CBS, “Honestly, I don’t think the poll refutes the point that Snooki and company do not represent real New Jerseyans, the Jersey Shore or New Jersey in any way.” And the kicker: “Or that they are an embarrassment.” Don’t listen to him, Snooki — people love you. [CBS]