Ricky Gervais Amazed By Emmy Nod For Golden Globes Gig


When awards shows get nominated for awards, it’s a little like a dog sniffing its own butt.

And sure enough, the Emmys have nominated the Tonys, the Oscars, and the Golden Globes, all of which will probably end up competing for a Pulitzer!

It’s all so creepily incestual it’s like a cult in the Bahamas.

But not everyone expected Ricky Gervais to get nominated for an Emmy for his pseudo-controversial Globes hosting job, including Gervais himself.

You’ll recall how, in the non-story of the year, people acted upset by Ricky’s bitchy performance, in which he made fun of such oft-mocked targets as Scientology and Charlie Sheen.

The Globes people acted irked, too, as if they had no idea what he was going to be reading off the prompter.

Well, clearly more people liked it than didn’t — Ricky was nominated.

When the Globes got an Emmy nod the other day, it turned out to mean he was up for a trophy, too!

“Hilarious,” was his initial response.

He tells that he used Globe tactics to get the nomination, taking each Emmy voter to see Cher in concert.

Ricky also claims he wants the non-nominated Mr. Sheen to accept for him because they’re both tortured souls.

Now that’s controversial.