Salvatore Cassano, FDNY Commissioner, Recruits in Black Church as New FDNY Hiring Period Opens


After a federal judge ruled about what the fee will be to take it, the FDNY opened up the filing period for its newest exam to become a firefighter. From last Friday, until September 15, 2011, candidates can apply here to take the new exam.

Meanwhile, in an effort to do something about the FDNY’s court ordered mandate to alter its history of overwhelmingly hiring white firefighters, Commissioner Salvatore Cassano went to a black church in Queens to recruit on Sunday, according to the Times. (And when members of the Bloomberg administration go to church, it’s a sign that they mean business.)

According to both members of the Vulcan Society, as well as to some black firefighters who aced the last exam and yet were still not appointed, Cassano has always been open minded about figuring out how to change the department’s abysmal history when it comes to hiring black firefighters. According to our sources, he’s been the most open member of the Bloomberg administration on this. So it’s not shocking that he took to a black church the first weekend the new filing period was open, but it is a sign that the FDNY is taking the newest round of recruitment and hiring seriously.

We took a look at the FDNY’s Notice of Examination. Most-noteworthy, right at the top, it seems like the city has made one concession to make the test more accessible economically. Though they were arguing in court last week that they should be able to charge $54, the city was mandated to charge $30.00. However, apparently of their own volition, the price drops to $25 for those paying online.

Here’s the full document.
FDNY Filing Info