This Week’s Pop-Up Blog: Wedding Week


Plighting their troth legally in NYC for the first time

In only six days, on Sunday, July 24, the state’s Marriage Equality Act goes into effect, making it legal for lesbian and gay couples to get married in New York for the first time. It will be cause for celebration, but LGBTs won’t be the only ones heading for the altar on that fine summer day.

Summer is generally the time when couples choose to tie the knot, often in a civil ceremony at City Hall. This week Fork in the Road’s pop-up blog celebrates the commencement of married life with wedding info, lore, and advice, culminating this Friday in a 10-best list that covers package restaurant deals that will make even the most spontaneous of weddings tactically manageable. So please check in periodically to see what what’s going on in Wedding Week — you may just decide to join in the fun.

Now, where do we eat dinner?

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