Upper West Side: The ‘Luckiest’ Place to Fall From Tall Buildings in NYC?


The New York Post notes a strange feature of the Upper West Side today, a previously undisclosed real estate feature that may entice you to move there, if, perhaps, you’re prone to falling from buildings. Apparently between last August and now, there have been three instances in which animals/humans fell from high places and yet survived. Those include a cat that fell 20 stories from his owner’s apartment on West End Avenue (he didn’t break a bone); another cat that fell 12 stories from another West End Avenue apartment (he fractured his foot); and, nearly a year ago now, an actual human being who leaped from the top of a 40-story building on West End and survived by falling on a car. Lucky! Or…maybe, hugely unlucky that so many humans/animals are falling to the ground from high buildings in the first place?

City Councilwoman Gail Brewer sees it as a good thing:

“I guess our secret is out,” said City Councilwoman Gail Brewer, the area’s representative. “On Monday, I’m introducing legislation renaming the Upper West Side ‘The Land of Nine Lives!’ “

Hopefully she’s kidding. Please, at any rate, stay away from window ledges and the tops of tall buildings, because along with possibly falling, you also have to worry about being picked up by a hawk but ultimately dropped because you’re too fat, now. Embarrassing! Only on the West Side, of course.

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