6-Foot-2 Gunman Hides From Cops in Garbage Chute


Preston Powell, who measures 6 feet 2 inches tall, is an unlikely candidate for hide and seek, particularly a game involving very small spaces, but nonetheless, there he was on the evening of July 13, trying to hide from police after shooting a man in a West 90th Street apartment building. He hid his gun in an umbrella, then himself in a garbage chute on another floor, reports DNA Info. There, cops found him “dangling” when they thought to look inside.

“It was good police work,” a police source said. “(The officer) had the presence of mind to open the door and actually go in and look inside the chute. He was shocked when he saw the guy hanging there.”

As one would be! Powell was arrested at the scene and has been arraigned on charges including attempted murder and criminal possession of a weapon. Powell’s victim is in the hospital at St. Luke’s. Cops think the shooting was drug-related.

Don’t try any of this at home.

Hulking Shooting Suspect Squeezes into Garbage Chute to Hide From Cops [DNA Info]