‘Acidhounds’ Convene for Summer of Riesling Concert on a M-F-ing Boat (with No M-F-ing Food)


The second annual Summer of Riesling Concert took place last night on a boat. Yes, a mother-effing boat. It was a lovely evening for a cruise around New York Harbor, the crisp breeze off the water offering a welcome respite from the day’s heat. There were dozens of Rieslings to sample or swill, depending on who was doing the drinking. And some 200 self-proclaimed “acidhounds” — lovers of the crisp German wine with the razor-sharp acidity — were on board. But one important thing was missing.

Acidity is something one wants in a wine, especially when pairing it with food. It causes the the walls of the mouth to water, getting the belly ready for grub. Riesling is a food-friendly wine if ever there was one, primarily for its acidity, which can be bracing, depending on the region and producer. And so it came as something of a shock to a number of attendees last night that there would be no food on the three-hour cruise that started boarding at the dinner hour of 7:30. Wonderful wines indeed were poured, the German Wine Queen was splendid, and the bands rocked. A bargain for $40. But cheese and crackers — even just crackers — would have been nice.