Milk Burger Owner Is But an Innocent Babe in the Woods


Following yesterday’s discovery that Milk Burger, a new eatery in East Harlem, had apparently ripped off Shake Shack’s entire menu, and even appropriated a Shack Burger photo for good measure, its owner is just shocked — shocked! — to hear about the similarities.

Milk Burger owner Erik Mayor told DNAinfo that he was “shocked” to hear about the accusations, which arose when A Hamburger Today visited his establishment and noted the many, many things it shared in common with Shake Shack. Conveniently, Mayor blamed the “intern” who created the Milk Burger website for the situation. He’s since removed the Shack Burger photo prominently displayed on the site, though you can’t actually see it right now since all of the traffic has caused the server to crash.

That, of course, neatly illustrates why Mayor doesn’t really seem to be all that repentant. He’s apparently pretty satisfied “to even be compared to a giant like [Danny Meyer],” though is quick to point out that his burger “doesn’t cause the bloating that the Shack Burger has.” Whether that’s true or not doesn’t really matter, since Mayor’s virtuoso profession of innocence is emitting plenty of gas on its own.