Potbelly Sandwich Works Spreading Like Wildfire in NYC


Potbelly Sandwich Works, the Chicago-based sandwich purveyor that makes straight-from-the-oven sammies, has opened its second New York City location today at 150 East 44th Street (646-289-4202), not even a month after it set up shop in the Financial District. But that’s not it! The chain is rapidly expanding, with its third location set to open in August.

According to a rep for the chain, five Manhattan locations are in the works to open this year. The next location to open will be at 30 Rockefeller Plaza at the end of August, with the others to follow soon after. Looks like Subway is going to have some much-needed competition in the fast-food sandwich race. But really, as anyone who has eaten a Potbelly sandwich knows, there’s no real comparison between the two. Warm and toasty beats cold and limp any day of the week.