The 10 Best #sherylcrowcookbooksequels Tweets (And Yes, Sheryl Crow Wrote A Cookbook)


The news that Sheryl Crow had, earlier this year, penned a cookbook—If It Makes You Healthy: More Than 100 Recipes Inspired By The Seasons, co-written with her personal chef Chuck White (hey, job perk!)—got writers Bennett Madison and Emily Gould, herself a cooking-guide expert, thinking: What if the book was successful enough to spawn a sequel? (It is hanging in on Amazon’s various cookbook bestseller lists, although some commenters have griped that its recipes are “too involved” and take too long.) What sort of foodstuffs would it focus on, and, most crucially, what song from Crow’s large catalog would its title somewhat glibly reference? And lo, the hashtag #sherylcrowcookbooksequels was born. Below, the 10 most plausible book titles to come out of the hive-mind this AM. (Full disclosure: I participated, because pun contests like this one keep the blogging part of the brain limber. But I left my contributions out of the competition.)

How it all started:

And from there, laughing out loud did follow. For example, a book for those days when you need a home-cooked meal:

This could also double as an advice book:


In the spirit, if perhaps not the letter:

It should just be called “Food Your Mom Likes” #sherylcrowcookbooksequelsless than a minute ago via TweetDeck


Creamy (and gluten-free) goodness:

The singer’s guide to cookware could perhaps be called:

And in those pans, you can place some meats:

For the imbibers among us:

Here’s one from hashtag co-brainstormer Bennett Madison that’s targeted to people fed up with frying:

And the absolute best, if only because it could be seen as the most useful to cooks looking to Sheryl Crow for advice:

Also, thanks, everyone, for not referencing her cover of “I Want You Back,” which is as limp as a salad that’s been soaking up the sun for the past three days.